Anonymous asked:

Only while I was watching your video on how you make your SFM posters did I realize that I had been following you TF2 blog, but not this one. I wanted to apologize for that because your stuff is AMAZING.

awww this makes me really happy thank you so much :D

Anonymous asked:

Hi, your SFM work is so fantastic TTwTT Could you give me any pointers on lighting effects?

Hi thank you so much :D i can give you the link of the tutorial i think this is the best one you can find!

you can make also other effects like this one 

and you should watch this if you want to learn more detailed things

also there’s an option that i want to tell you because i discovered it very late and i think it’s useful, you can right click on the light and click on “set light globo texture” it will open another window where you can find all the textures of the game, so for example you can search “water” and select “dev/water.vtf” and press open: the light will now project that texture and you can see that you can give a water reflex to your image