Anonymous asked:

The visual body language in the pics you make is amazing. So many times I see ridiculously stiff SFM pics; it's the bane of every artist, but you've made the mercs as lifelike as Valve's own work.

this…this is the best compliment i’ve ever recieved!!! you really made me happy oh my god thank you so much!!!!!! *hugs*


Hey there! i’ve decided to make a new commissions chart so here it is! :D


Payment: Paypal or tf2 keys!

1,50 € or 1 key: 1 character, all the miscs and details you want! (if you want it as profile picture i can give you already the cropped and resized image)


3 € or 2 keys: 2 or 3 characters


5 € or 3 keys: as many characters as you want!

I can also make shippy and nsfw stuff, don’t be ashamed to ask me that :3

Models i can use: tf2, portal 2, half life 2, left 4 dead, the stanley parable, every models on garry’s mod’s workshop

I can use every items, paint them, use particles, and use photoshop to increase the quality of the image or fix things!

If you are ok with my prices and with what i can do, add me on steam so we can talk better about everything!

My steam profile:

Anonymous asked:

Is that a casual soldier and Zhanna model in SFM I see, or is that just good pen's-manship?

i used the casual soldier model and then the fem heavy model, unfortunately there isn’t a zhanna model yet :C

this was the original sfm

pretty terrifying ahah