This was a comission I asked from Daesdemona. My Sniper Sister (changed to my character) talking with Engie about next plans. Scout showing a picture kinda how he “see s it” (insert random Fanart here) and her response with the eyebrow and small smile (maybe blush).

Background with Blu Spy checking out the “plan” himself (Booty call) and Sniper getting mad about the blu ^.^

Told her how I wanted it and she gave me w.i.p to see and change if wanted. While making, she was really sweet on Steam. Go check her out!! Her comission list is great! BIG THANKS FOR THIS!!!!

Give her a visit! ^.^

It was a real pleasure, thanks for commissioning me :D

renascorner asked:

Hello! I don't know why I didn't follow you earlier, because I've seen your work so many times, it's awesome! A question, do you have a bigger size for that Stalemate poster? I love it and would like to use it as a wallpaper ^-^

Oh sure :D click here! X

And thanks for liking my works :D